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Raised among pencils and Photoshop, since I was a child I took interest in drawing with both traditional and digital tools. After attending a scientific high school, I decided to finally follow my passion, and took up the study of visual arts by attending the Communication Design course at Politecnico di Milano. During my studies I decided to follow the paths of animation and editorial design, but I also immersed myself in the exploration of the themes of gender and communication, which became the topic of my master’s thesis.

After graduation, I worked for three years in the field of exhibition design in Milan, dealing with the creation of animated video projections and interfaces for immersive environments.

In 2021 I wrote and published Excusing Violence, a book exploring the paradox of how social campaigns against gender-based violence often spread ideas and stereotypes that are harmful to the victims of violence themselves.

In 2022 I moved to Stuttgart, where I have started freelancing as a digital illustrator and 2D motion designer, working both on-site and remotely.

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